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USB Type-C To DisplayPort Cable

USB Type-C  To DP Cable,Type-C  adapter Cable
Description Female Adapter Cable

(1)Product introduction:

USB Type C to DP Converter for MacBook + Google Pixel +Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+Huawei Mate 10 Pro etc.

 This cable allows  a Type-C compatible laptop  or phone as a signal  resource ,transfer  audio and video to a DP compatible  device,such as TV,display ,projector.

Type C is a 24-pin USB connector system with flippable interface .

So you can plug in your cord correctly every time,no need to worry about the right side and reserve side.

3D audio and video capabilities, audio and video synchronization.

Support for  resolution up to 4K ,Support 3840*2160@30Hz.

Plug and play, no additional drivers required.

( 2 ) Product Features:

Max support 3840*2160@30Hz.

Multi-length available for choosing.

Extreme durability,free to bend.

Bend lifespan up to 5000+.

Using environmental PVC jacket,soft and durable .

Multi-length available for choosing.

(3)Product Parameters:

Name: USB Type-C  To DP Cable Resolution: 3840*2160@30Hz.
Interface type: Type-C male to DP male Cable shieding: Foil +metal braid
Interface process :Nickel  or gold plated Jacket material: PVC
Apperance color :Black or white Function: Data transfer
Conductor: Tinned copper wires Transmission speed: 10.2 Gbps
package: PE bag cable length:0.5 to 2 m

(4) Wide application:Type devices

This cable allows  a Type-C compatible laptop  or phone as a signal  resource ,transfer  audio and video to a DispalyPort  compatible  device,such as a TV,display,projector.

Mirror mode: display director function.Show same pictures of display device and output device.

Extended mode: Internet, video, multi-task split screen, and meet different needs.


Type-C  Male To DP Female Adapter  Cable
 This type-C to DPadapter cable helps a  Type-C compliant output device  to successfully connect with a DP compliant display  device.Then enjoy your HD vision.


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